Game features

Sliding Block Puzzle Math Game,Train your brain with exciting Number Riddle.

Simple and easy

Arrange random shuffled numbers in order

Offline game

You can play without Wifi network


It's free to play.

How to play PLAY

  1. Randomly shuffle the numbers after the game starts
  2. Click and slide the screen with your finger to move the slider back to the correct position.
  3. The purpose of the game is to rearrange the number squares on the chessboard in the order from left to right and from top to bottom with few steps and a short time.
  4. When you arrange the number squares on the screen in order, you win!
  5. The game is from 3x3 to 10x10, with more levels, more difficulty, and more brain-burning.

Game description


Arrange random shuffled numbers in order


Using hints, you can quickly pass the level.

mobile app
Train your brain

NumberPuz is designed for people who want to relax their brains and train their brains


More features are being developed.